Monday, October 30, 2017

Planning for the Unexpected

I unexpectedly came down with some kind of illness today. Too ill to teach, I had to call in for a substitute. This doesn't happen too often fortunately and when it does I always feel guilty as I know a day with me is different than a day without me for the class. Yet teachers make a big mistake when they come in sick for a lot of reasons.

That being said, this makes me realize that as teachers we have to be ready for the unexpected. I have a sub binder, but it's tucked away. Project materials cover a couple of tables too. It was an extremely busy Friday, one with little time to tidy up and organize, time when I didn't plan for the unexpected.

There's a lot going on in my life this year beyond me and my family, events that could lead to unexpected events. So when I return on Tuesday, I'll make some time to prep for the unexpected events. I want to add that to my school year prep chart too. Onward.