Monday, October 30, 2017

Another New Start; Focus Close to Home

After a fairly quiet weekend, I recognize that it's the beginning of another new start, a brand new chapter of teaching and learning. This typically happens when clarity about focus and momentum occur.

The new start focus is not different that the past chapter. The mainstays of a welcoming home and classroom, focus on family and teaching, and continued reading, research, and development remain. Yet the change is to accept a quieter, close-to-home approach to the work I do. I am beginning to go deeper with my practice as I explore a number of teaching and learning ideas in the classroom where I teach--ideas that elevate what students and teachers can do to maximize learning in meaningful ways.

In the past many years I reached out a lot to organizations and people throughout the world for wisdom, ideas, learning, affirmation, and challenge. This was all good, and won't completely end. But now, to a large degree and for this chapter, the focus will be a micro-focus on the effort and opportunity that exists here. Onward.