Thursday, October 12, 2017

Good Process: Learning with the Professional Team

Today I'll have an opportunity to learn with the professional team. The team represents years of dedicated learning/teaching experience, study, and investment.

As a team member, I'm effusive. As a developer of ideas and one who regularly reflects on my practice, ideas and response come quickly, yet if I have too much to say, there isn't room for other's wise, deep, and insightful comments and experience.

It's time to step back and hear these dedicated colleagues. Time to honor their ideas. I've always felt this way, but I've not stepped back and listened as much as I'd like to do now.

Often when it comes to learning with the professional team, good, modern process is missing. It's no one's fault, but instead, the fault of the fact that our processes for idea share and teamwork have not kept up with the changes in technology, learning, and research--in many cases we're using outdated processes for learning with modern day learning goals and strategies.

Hosting conversations is one modern process that's yet to catch on, but it is a powerful process that I feel will catch on in time. Crowdsharing is another powerful process, one that's often used and when used well can be a very powerful way of creating inclusive, transparent share and idea development. I was recently reminded of this as I added my idea to OpenIdeo's crowdshare challenge related to gratitude. All of these new processes, when used well, elevate the way we contribute, develop, critique, choose, and implement great ideas and solutions.

As I learn with the team today, I'll think a lot about process. I'll make the most of my time as I listen to the many ideas of others and determine ways to translate those ideas into my daily teaching/learning practice with students.

What processes of idea share, development, critique, implementation, and assessment are successfully utilized in the organizations you lead and work for/in? Why does process matter? How can we modernize our processes for better effect? These are great questions for those interested in elevating the work and service they do.