Thursday, September 21, 2017

What My Students Need?

As I think of my students this year, I'm thinking about what they need. Here's my list.
  • Some need more dedicated one-to-one time to learn to read and enjoy reading too. 
  • A positive teaching/learning program.
  • Some need more dedicated time to learning how to use computers as intelligent assistants so that tech can support their learning needs and interests.
  • Some need more deep, rich, engaging projects.
  • Some need more comfy chairs.
  • Some need more teacher time to talk.
  • Some need more playground equipment beginning with badminton rackets and birdies.
  • Some need a bigger lunch as they are growing and the typical elementary school lunch is not enough.
The children are well loved and cared for by their families. They come to school ready to learn. As I think of the list above, I realize it's a less cumbersome list than other years, yet a list that helps me to form the efforts for the days ahead.