Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Week Ahead: October 2017-2018

It was an eventful school week, and one that ended with good efforts and enthusiasm to come. These upcoming efforts were foreshadowed by the terrific buddy event at the end of the day Friday.

Next week finds the class focused on the following events:

School Assembly
TeamFive students will begin running the school assemblies which is always a terrific event.

Fact Proficiency
Each student is following a personalized path of fact proficiency. Many students made terrific gains in that area this week, and I expect that more will make gains in the week ahead. Facts and problem solving will be the priority for math home study this week.

Math Focus: Place Value Vocabulary, Charts, and Ways to Read and Write Numbers
Students will engage in a number of activities to study vocabulary, the parts of the place value system, model making, and reading/writing numbers. Students will also practice math with Symphony Math.

Solar Ovens
We'll likely make our solar ovens and hopefully successfully cook S'mores on Wednesday.

Buddies: 100's Fall Color Chains
We'll make 100-chains with our kindergarten buddies on Friday

Professional Learning
It's a local union week with attendance at the school committee meeting and our executive board meeting. I'll also attend a day-long professional learning event focused on our new Foss science kits that match the new Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering (STE) standards. Our team also has a potential inservice presentation which I reached out to learn more about, and we have an extended PLC to discuss reading data and our Response to Intervention (RTI) efforts. I also want to review some recent place value assessments to see what students currently know and to determine a good direction for the learning to come. And we have a faculty meeting too. It's clearly a busy professional learning week.