Friday, September 29, 2017

Data Analysis and Teaching Well

I spent the morning organizing a host of student scores. I do find data analysis helpful when it comes to teaching students.

Initially the data demonstrated to me who may be having difficulty understanding class lessons due to issues with foundation skills, concept, and knowledge, and who is ready to take off in these areas. There was some scatter in data with some that makes me want to look deeper, and think more about who they are and how they learn. Together the team will focus on a few students today as we think about how to best teach those students this year--what will they need to learn well with confidence and good growth?

I believe the team building activities at the start of the year helped to make the team ready for the learning ahead. Recent focus on routines and rules will also set the stage for good teaching and learning. Now as we foster those good protocols and a sense of team, we'll dig in more with the targeted learning, learning that profits from both informal and formal data as well as a host of other factors too.