Thursday, September 21, 2017

Teaching Well: Fighting Discouragement

It was a great day of teaching, yet I left discouraged. Why?

Mainly the discouragement was based on efforts I hoped for that didn't occur. My sister would say, "I don't know why you think things that have always been one way will suddenly change," but forever the optimist or too idealistic to see the reality, sometimes what I expect is far different than what is.

Teachers get discouraged at the end of the day for many reasons--they may be tired, a lesson may have failed, a support did not arrive, or there was challenging debate. Discouragement will happen from time to time, and it can take you down if you don't have good strategies to fight that discouragement.

As I coach myself forward, I am reminded of the following strategies that work well to fight discouragement.
  • a healthy, positive routine
  • prep and planning ahead
  • realistic expectations for what you can do
  • celebrating the small wins
  • focus on what's positive 
  • strategically working with others for change, and knowing that positive change takes time