Wednesday, September 27, 2017


It happens in relationships. It happens in families. It happens in organizations and businesses, and it happens in school - recalibration.

Recalibration means to readjust, rearrange, re-order, reposition and re-sequence. As I thought of those verbs, I realized that there's many ways to better the class community and efforts now that we know students better and know our new schedule too.

To make the time to recalibrate means that you take the time to make time for betterment and serving students well. This kind of recalibration is needed often throughout the year as students grow and change, it's part of the continual process of change and betterment that good schools embrace.

Mostly our recalibration will include readjusting the schedule to account for messy transitions, and messy transitions mostly were due to times when students return to the class at many different times such as when they return to class from music workshop and instrumental lessons which includes at least three locations and three somewhat different programs, and when there wasn't enough time for a more-thoughtful transition with greater support. This is a greater need this year than last year for a number of reasons specific to this year's schedule and class. So I took a close look at the schedule, and found places where we can extend and better transition support, protocols, and time to make those transitions more community-friendly.

To embrace recalibration means that you embrace the potential for positive change and growth. You see the promise in the problems that uproot, and use that promise to create a better plan, process, and protocol.