Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Making Expectations Explicit

When some don't follow the expected protocols, it may be because the protocols aren't explicit enough. Tomorrow we'll change the schedule so we have time to go over the school rules that pertain most to our class specifically including the following:
  • Follow the morning routine: sign in, read the day's agenda, get started
  • Work quietly and focus on the task at hand
  • Respect others' belongings and bodies--no body contact
  • Do your part--clean up, put away your materials, follow the schedule
  • Ask permission before you leave the room, don't just walk out. Sign out when you leave, and sign in when you return.
  • Walk silently in the halls so you don't disturb others' learning
  • Play kindly and fairly
  • Use polite language
  • Listen when someone else is talking
  • Ask questions or ask for help if needed
  • Be kind and helpful to others
Most of all we want a safe, caring classroom. We want a classroom where children learn in engaging ways too. If everyone does their part, that will happen. Tomorrow we'll focus on this.