Friday, September 22, 2017

PLC Starts Again

Our system has embraced Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Those PLCs have evolved over time, and I value what we do during this time to collaborate with all the educators that teach our fifth graders once a week.

Today's meeting will be led by the principal who will bring the system's latest iteration of PLC to our attention. This probably will be a focus on bettering the PLC with small changes and greater attention to particular details. I honor the continued growth and development of any school routine with the focus on bettering our collaboration and good work.

The challenge at PLC is time and numbers. There's typically up to ten people at the meeting and the time usually lasts less than an hour. That means the meeting has to be well organized to be effective. There is typically some debate at the meetings too since we are often trying to solve meaningful problems related to teaching students well, and problem solving often invites debate. Good debate profits from good process and respect for one another. I believe this debate also profits from lead time to review related documents, agendas, and issues so we're ready for the collaborative work of sharing ideas and working together to do good work.

I'll listen carefully as the PLC starts with a mostly similar team. In the past our team's collaborative work has truly helped all of us to teach better, and this is work I value as the results are visible in children's smiles, investment, and positive development. Onward.