Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pattern of Learning and Living

I find that patterns are integral to good learning and living. Yet, while I value patterns, I find patterns difficult to commit too. I grew up with less routine/pattern, and I often connect that to my interest and ability with creativity. Yet, a lack of pattern, can also be connected to disorder, confusion, and trouble too. Patterns are good, and no patterns are also good.

With that said, however, I'm working to build in a better pattern this year--one that acknowledges what I need to teach, learn, parent, and live well. What's needed?

Daily Time for Reading, Research, Reflection, and Writing
This creates the fuel and wisdom I need to do my job well and reach the hopes and dreams I have.

Time to Move, Play, and Be Active
Essential for health.

Good Food and Good Relationships
The sustenance and energy for living a good life. Both take time and thought.

Time for Play and Fun
There's so much to enjoy in life, and that invigorates us.

Time-on-task to do the good work and live the good life I reach for.