Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking Ahead

It seems like our curriculum efforts are well organized this year which means that we have the time and knowledge we need to differentiate well. As I look ahead, I realize we are currently involved in the following efforts.

Students are taking a number of informal and formal assessments that will help us to target the teaching and learning ahead.

We started STEAM with a couple of team building activities, and next week students will begin their first STEAM project, the solar oven project.

After the initial STEAM project, we'll launch our new FOSS science kits and units study.

We're continuing the first unit, place value.

Field Studies/Expert Visitors
Some are scheduled, and some need to be scheduled.

I'm waiting on a purple form from some families, and some families still need to sign up for a conference. I'll contact individual families if I don't receive those items by Friday. I also need to make a few more family surveys and send those out as well.

Student Portfolios/Conferences
We'll prep portfolios and review assignments with students as we prepare for the year's initial parent-student-teacher conferences.

Professional Efforts
DESE TAC, MTA TPL, Faculty Senate, Child Study, and WTA make up the lion's share of my efforts that lie outside of the grade five team.