Saturday, September 16, 2017


It's is a privilege to have choice--choice over your time, where you live, what you do, and your loved ones and acquaintances. Many in the world have much more limited choice than others. With choice comes responsibility and the need for reflection, collaboration, and thought. Time to gather your ideas, dreams, and responsibilities together, and reflect that in the choices you make.

How we use time is a wonderful choice. How we make those choices won't always be perfect, but with thought, we'll do well with time.

Whom we choose to spend time with is also an important choice. When we neglect spending time with those we love or care about, the relationships suffer. Yet when we make the time to spend time with those we care about in ways that matter, the relationships grow strong.

The time we devote to our professions matter, and how we spend that time makes a difference too. There's always a balance to be made there, a balance that's not always easy to find.

Time for the places we live is important too. Without making the time to care for our homes and yards, we lessen our potential for good lives and living.

Time for fun is equally important--we need to make time to have fun and enjoy life too.

I'm thinking a lot about choosing today, and in particular, I'm thinking about how I use time in that regard.