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Friday, August 04, 2017

Twitter Trickery

Twitter is an amazing vehicle for share, but it's also a vehicle for trickery.

So many on Twitter are not who they claim to be.

Many more post notes and links that are much like the traps used to snare an animal in the forest.

Like a jungle, you have to be smart to tweet--you need to understand that what you see is probably not what it seems to be.

So why should one wander through this tech-forest?

I like the way Twitter gives me quick access to people and ideas. I typically use Twitter to collect ideas and connect with experts in fields I'm interested.

I also use Twitter to share my ideas, reflections, and plans related to specific topics that affect me, my loved ones, professional matters, and the world around me. I know that if I share my words, some will listen, and those ideas may grow with greater strength when people add to, challenge, or share the ideas.

I like the way Twitter connects me to people in countries all over the world and multiple professions and lifestyles. I often get to exchange thoughts with people I might no ordinarily meet.

I don't like the trickery of Twitter though including the share that tries to lure you to ideas, organizations, and share you do not support and don't want to be connected with. I don't like the fact that it's hard to spot a bot or recognize a fake person, yet I know this exists.

If I really want to find out if someone is real or their ideas/work holds merit, I'll typically read up on the person, attend a talk or performance they give, and investigate to make sure that person stands for what he/she writes or shares online.

There's trickery with Twitter and it's important to be aware of that. But there's also great potential in what this tech-jungle holds, so I'm not giving up and will continue to explore and utilize the Twitter landscape to develop knowledge, exchange ideas, and contribute. Onward.