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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Dragged Down the Trump Hole Again

Last night I saw images of the White Supremist March in Charlottesville. I was troubled, but hoped it would end quickly. Then today I heard more about it. The story didn't end. It got worse and worse until three people died. Then our President didn't even respond. Once again President Trump disappointed when it came to human dignity, respect, and care for the average Americans.

He has the whole world on edge as he bullies, name calls, and disrespects so many hard working, good people throughout our country and world. It seems like all that he cares about is himself, his family, and a few cronies. To think that he wouldn't even speak up against the hate espoused by White Supremists, hate that results in great prejudice and worse as noted in this description by the ADL:

We're not a perfect country or a perfect people, but everyday I meet countless good people that represent a great diversity of race, culture, gender, age, profession, and geographical location, and it's rare to meet people who stand up for or exemplify hate, violence, or disrespect for others. Most people in the United States and elsewhere work really hard to have a good life and do well by others. There's few that just throw up their hands and not care at all, and hopefully there are few who are so greedy and self-interested that they continually defame, demean, disrespect, and potentially harm others.

Our President continually refuses to think of the American people and use discretion and discipline to lead with respect, intelligence, and care. Instead he daily name calls, bullies, demeans, and sensationalizes creating all kinds of drama, fear, prejudice, hate, and then violence like today's troubles in Charlottesville.

There are always going to be problems. There are always going to be complex challenges to solve, but I've never experienced an America where the President is inciting a lot of these problems. Throughout my life whether I've agreed or not, the President has used decorum and a good demeanor to lead. They've stood up with respect for the American people and seemingly tried to do what was right and good. This is the first time in my life that there's been a President that breaks all the grade-school rules of kindness, respect, truth telling, and civil discourse. It is extremely disheartening.

But when he reacts in ways that are indignant and disrespectful, we have to speak up, but we have to watch out that we don't fall down the Trump hole by getting caught up in his explosive, troubling, and disrespectful tweets, speech, and action. I fell down the Trump hole tonight, and now I'm climbing back up to take a bit of a break from this troubling President of the United States.