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Friday, August 04, 2017

Building Strong and Successful Classroom Practice

What matters when it comes to building strong and successful classroom practice?

During time-on-task be present for your learners and colleagues. Listen and respond with care and interest, develop the learning together in the best interests of all.

Make community building a regular effort in your teaching/learning routine. This community building benefits from regular team meetings, impromptu meetings when issues arise, shared projects, co-coaching, and putting community members and their needs/interests first.

Clearly identify learning objectives and create learning paths that lead to those goals. Be ready to assess, reflect, and revise along the way to right the learning path in ways that are meaningful, relevant and student-centered too.

Build in time to have fun together. Make sure that play is a regular feature of the learning/teaching routine. Make time for special celebrations.

Professional Learning
Via your Professional Learning Network (PLN), reading, attending conferences, taking courses, and working with colleagues stay current and continue to learn in ways that will improve your craft.

Seek allies that understand and support your professional work. Often educators may reach out to those who don't care or support the work they do, and that's troubling as it zaps energy rather than inspires good work and growth. It's important to find those allies that support the work you do and help you to develop your practice in ways that matter.

Take planning seriously and create the learning paths that will help you achieve your vision related to teaching/learning.