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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Using NBPTS Propositions as a Checklist for new Initiatives

At times educators are left out of the conversation related to teaching/learning initiatives. Using the NBPTS propositions listed above can support a check-list for new initiatives to make sure that those initiatives are well-targeted and designed. Questions like these could begin any analysis of a new initiative:

  • Do teachers agree with this initiative? Have they worked on the initiative in inclusive, transparent ways from the start? If not, should can this be included before going forward with the initiative to determine if this initiative is supported by educators with regard to student growth and development?
  • Does this initiative forward our commitment to and what we can do for students?
  • What do teachers already know about this new initiative and how can we integrate and maximize their collective knowledge in this regard?
  • What do teachers need to know related to the new initiative and how is this determined in an inclusive, transparent way. The use of surveys are good as long as sensitive information is anonymous and teachers are able to see the results before any manipulation.
  • How will teachers manage and monitor this initiative?
  • How will we systematically, transparently and inclusively embed this initiative, and at what points will we assess, reflect and revise?
  • How does this initiative develop our teaching/learning community? How can teachers' efforts in other learning communities positively contribute to this initiative?