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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump Times: Consulting the Experts

I look to the experts to help me understand Trump times. I wonder what's right and what is not. I try to figure out apt political/legal process to right our road as a people who enjoy substantial freedom, terrific natural resources, and overall wonderful opportunity. Yet, we all know it's not perfect and there's lots of room for positive process and development.

Trump is Disrespectful
In general President Trump's use of language, prejudicial remarks, untruths and lack of measured thoughtful communication and decision-making processes are disrespectful to the earnest people of the United States and the world. He apparently responded to a sense of anger and bias that exists in the United States as well as a sense of urgency with regard to the need to hear and represent all Americans. Many apparently favored his hateful speak and prejudicial actions and remarks. Is this favoring evidence of a desire for old ways and statistics that no longer exist, or is the favoring evidence of ignorance--misunderstanding about the changing face of our nation and rights of all individuals to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Do Trump supporters gain their understanding of humanity via biased media reports of dreadful events rather than truly analyzing the statistics that mirror what the reality is, and does this lead to greater prejudice? Or, as some suggest, were they heavily targeted by foreign media on the sites and shows they most frequent with messages that created fear and disdain for Clinton as well as support for Trump? I'm not sure, but I do know that Trump is often disrespectful, and that disrespect serves to heighten prejudice and disregard of many based on culture, race, gender, lifestyle, physicality, position, geography, politics and more.

Are Trump's Ideas Positive?
I've heard varying viewpoints regarding Trump's many ideas and his platform for the Presidency. One area of great confusion and debate is immigration. This is a complex worldwide issue. Of course, I believe that in an ideal world, most people would support open borders, but that's not how our world works and I believe that if we have an ideal of open borders it will take a number of steps to get there. First we have many laws on the books regarding immigration that have not been followed or changed. This sets up many problematic situations such as people who have been here for years illegally. These people, in many respects, are integrated members of vital communities--they are well loved and embraced by the communities in which they live and the families that they love. Yet these people have been working for low wages, not paying taxes and facing troubling circumstances. It's important that all Americans are welcomed members of of our culture who contribute and enjoy the freedoms and benefits of being an American. By bi-partisan efforts we need to look carefully at the circumstances of immigration and make fair, dignified laws to lead our country in this regard. This will take good effort, depth, and truthful debate and discourse. Who is committed to this effort and what is their rationale?

I heard the noted scholar Chomsky speak in favor of Trump's desire to work in greater concert with Russia and China. Chomsky gave good rationale for this, however, he did express worry about Trump's lack of impulse control with regard to the great power to wage nuclear war--as Chomsky noted that would spell disaster for humankind. Chomsky also puzzled over the fact that we are not more enraged by Trump's lack of acknowledgement with regard to the plight of our planet and the need to change our ways to minimize global warming and its effects. Essentially Trump wants the quick fix to the problems we face rather than taking a deep look with global partners at what we need to do to protect Planet Earth and make positive decisions for the days ahead.

Some friends point to Trump's desire to elevate their investments. The news reports increases in stock market. Perhaps this is good, but from what I read, it seems that these increases serve the wealthiest amongst us rather than all Americans. Some will say this has a trickle down effect, yet if the increases are based on wild deregulation while there may be a short-lived financial increase, there will be a big drop in living if we don't carefully build our businesses with attention to planetary and human needs. I don't like the fact that Trump is quick to deregulate the use of national lands in ways that invite short-term energy fixes and further pollute the lands for average people.

Do the Trumps Walk-the-Walk of Ethics and Care for Humanity
Recent news of Ivanka Trumps' use of sweat shops to grow her fortune is troubling. The fact that President Trump is earning money at his many clubs and resorts that he does government business at is similarly troubling. To invite foreign leaders to wage debate against American leaders and politicians is similarly troubling. Trump rarely speaks of service to humanity. He does not support our public schools, and has a cabinet that does not mirror USA diversity of culture, race, and gender. He appears to lead for Trump first, and rich, white men second. I gather this idea from what I see and read about him, words and images that reflect little diversity or respect for all Americans.

Trump is a discouraging leader. I find it very difficult to understand why some support him, but I listen to their debate, and as with all individuals--none of us are all bad. Even in the most difficult and challenging people, we can typically find threads of right and good.

I continue to be happy that we have a well respected individual leading a team of investigators to see if Trump and his cronies broke the law in their collusion with Russian individuals during the election and afterwards.

I am listening carefully as are others to make sure Trump doesn't break first amendment rights of Americans and that he extends his hand towards diplomacy rather than devastating violence.

I am checking his words for truth and noting when he does not tell the truth or leads the American public astray such as his obsession with the numbers of people at the Inauguration, tapes related to his conversation with Comey, knowledge of his many comrades' connections and meetings with Russian business people and/or government officials during and/or after the election--meetings held by Kushner, Flynn, Trump, Jr., Manafort, his lack of transparency with regard to his finances such as his unwillingness to share his tax reports, and his continual name calling with words like bad, sad, sick, crazy and more . I don't like the way he makes fun of dedicated people like Senator Warren who are willing to speak up and do "walk the walk" of their beliefs and service with countless hours of legal analysis, research, study and share.

I will continue to read multiple magazines, news reports, tweets and blogs to try to understand Trump times. I will look to experts in the law such as Laurence Tribe and Robert Reich, politicians Warren, Kaine, Markey, Clark, and intellects such as Chomsky.

We are a good country with potential to be an even better country. Our way to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is to do the following:
  • Find ways to protect the basic human rights of all individuals as outlined in our US Constitution and work to include quality health care and education in those rights.
  • Look to the diverse voices of our country's people for the answers to good living in our communities and country in general.
  • Work towards sustainable practices--protect our natural, clean lands, water and air. Work to clean-up areas that suffer from violence, disrepair, poverty and pollution.
  • Join with our global partners to find ways to get along peacefully. Use our great intellectual powers, both individually and collectively, to build a good world for the people that live in it. Analyze the trouble spots and however possible work with peaceful measures to elevate living.
  • Recognize the good work that's happening all over the world--emphasize the good, yet don't shy away from sharing the troubles too. 
  • See the world through the lens of our children and make decisions with children in mind first--how can we leave them with a better world. This is a tremendous challenge to all of us both individually and collectively with regard to the way we live, speak and act each and every day. We can all make positive change in this regard.
  • Protect our most vulnerable citizens with good care and community--the way we treat and look out for the most vulnerable reflects the depth and strength of our nation. 
  • Overall let dignity and respect trump disrespect and oppression.
Who in the world right now is doing their part to elevate life for themselves and others in ways that don't take away from other individuals or communities?

Who can we look to for intelligent, forward thinking, innovative and dignified leadership in the days ahead, and how can we obstruct the leadership of those who are greedy and think only of themselves, their wealth and their cronies with regard to the decisions they make.

Alone, we are mostly small and unknowing, but together we are a force for change. Trump is awakening all of us to the issues at hand and the need to be better informed in order to advocate for what is right and good. His bad example in many respects is an overcorrection with regard to the way we have lived and the way we have to step ahead to make a good life for ourselves, our neighbors, the community, country and future.