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Friday, July 07, 2017

Teaching/Learning Doesn't Fit Neatly into a Box

I had a summer plan for learning and teaching. Weeks devoted to particular study or family matters. Yet this morning I awoke with a head full of great teaching/learning questions, quests and ideas. I knew I had to read and write while the inspiration was fresh.

Later as I shared the ideas, some replies included the statement ". . . on vacation." In other words, those individuals would not be reading the ideas anytime soon. Yet, I wondered if that's true or realistic. It's true that while on vacation you may not read work emails or information, but it's likely that you do check in here and there, and what better time to think clearly about the big ideas in life or work than when you're riding your bike down a beautiful nature trail or relaxing in the summer sun.

The truth is that teaching and learning are streams rather than scheduled events--the way most teaching and learning works is ongoing, fluid, and inspired at all kinds of places and times, and not reserved for scheduled events.

Teaching and learning does not fit neatly into a box, it's much more like a river flowing and ongoing.