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Friday, July 07, 2017

Learning Ahead - National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: NB Academy

Many years ago when assigned to a new grade level in a new school, I decided to take advantage of a state initiative to become nationally certified. I completed the 400-hour effort only to find that I did not pass the first time. So in the next year, I redid the areas where I scored low, and then received national certification in 2004. 10 years later in 2014, I re-certified by completing the recertification process. Now, three years later, I'm joining the NB Academy national initiative via the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and National Education Association (NEA) to nationally certify more teachers across the nation.

I'm really excited about this initiative because it's a teaching/learning effort that will boost my own work with students and colleagues as well as an initiative that will boost what teachers all over the country can be and do. The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is a process and community that elevates what educators are able to do on their own and with others to serve students well. It's a community and process that I whole-heartedly endorse and look forward to supporting in the days ahead.

This week I'll join many NBTC educators to learn about how we'll help fellow educators reach national certification. I'm looking forward to learning with and from so many dedicated educators from across the nation. I hope that I'll be able to entice some educators in my system and state to become nationally certified as well since the process will elevate the work they do for children and also place them with dedicated, like-minded educators and opportunities for future collaboration and learning. When I meet with our new superintendent in late July, MTA members during the summer conference, and the Department of Education Teacher Advisory Committee in the fall,  I'll further discuss ways that the NB Academy and NBPTS certification may work in tandem with local and state education goals and needs.

Whenever I attend a noteworthy professional development event like this, I do the following:
  • pre-read all related information
  • create a list of focus questions to lead my week's study
  • dress for good learning--comfortable, professional
  • blog out essential learning throughout the event
  • create follow-up plans and activities to support the study roll-out 
This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to develop my professional repertoire and learning. I look forward to learning all I can in the days ahead.