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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Long Term: Making Space for Priorities

It's difficult to make time and attention for uninviting jobs that matter. It would be great to just hire people to do those jobs, but for most of us that kind of extra money doesn't exist. Hence, it's up to us to do the work to make space for the priorities we have.

Making space for those priorities means knowing what you want and what you want to do. In this day and age, the choices are limitless given the technology and opportunity that surrounds us. You could focus on nature, reading/research, social events, working, new initiatives, service work and more. We will all strike a different balance in that regard.

For me, it seems that family events, reading/research/writing and my professional work as an educator seem to trump all other activities and choices. That's what I like to do and when given time and a few extra dollars, I typically choose one of the above choices.

Hence today as I invest myself to lots of not-so-inviting jobs and efforts, I'll keep in mind that I'm making way for what matters to me.