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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Living in Trump Times: The Daily Drama

Who can resist the Trump Times drama that unfolds daily?

The characters are well dressed and many quite attractive. The action is quick, surprising and mysterious leaving us with questions all the time.

I'm reminded of the popular telenovelas I was introduced to on a trip to Brazil.

Yet, this is real life and not an afternoon or evening escape. This is where decisions are made that affect our daily living including health care, taxes, protection of Earth's resources, education and more. These are people who represent large shares of dollars--dollars, when well spent, that could truly help so many in need. Thus the interest, the worry, the intrigue and reaction.

There are shady characters, characters who have supported criminal acts, racism, sexism and prejudice against multiple cultures.

There are followers who are willing to repeat and elevate stories that don't tell the truth or at least the whole truth, and we wonder why people would choose to misrepresent the truth that way and in a sense sell their own reputations--what's the gain?

There's sound bites that capture main themes such as fake news, crazy, lyin, and witchhunt.

I don't know the truth of the matter, and I am so grateful that there's a well- respected investigative team that will help the truth to rise.

I'm also happy that Congress is working with bi-partisan support to elevate sanctions against Russia in view of the evidence we have that they hacked our cybersphere to influence the election.

I'm satisfied that the press is reporting the facts they learn from multiple perspectives. I know the press isn't always right or unbiased, but I also know that there are many, perhaps most, journalists who have integrity, and respect the profession and its aim to tell the truth, relay the facts and present an unbiased look at what's going on.

As in any group, there will be those that don't do what's right, but it's been my experience so far in life that most people in most groups do what's right, contribute and commit to the mission and vision of organizations and intended effect.

So as I've stated before, I'll keep abreast of Trump Times, speak up when inspired, research when necessary and attend to my own work and efforts to do what I believe in with strategy and focus that matters. Onward.