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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rushed Decisions are Rarely Good Decisions

Years ago we needed a new car. I quickly bought one. It was a bad decision, and the car didn't last long. We lost a good deal of money due to that rushed decision.

Rushed decisions are rarely good decisions.

It's best to operate on multiple levels, and one of those levels is the level of analysis, reflection, and review. As I've written about countless times, good decision making depends on considerable lead time. Good decision making also relies on inclusivity, protocols, and communication.

When a decision is made with too much speed not only might that decision be a poor one, but that decision may hinder or block other good decisions.

Rarely does a delay in decision making create havoc. Yet, if a situation is an emergency situation, then a decision has to be made right away. Generally, however, good decisions rely on time, inclusion, transparency, research, and good communication.