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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Good Day

Today we had a good day as students complete final efforts related to portfolios, the biography project, and other matters. Students had time to make appropriate choices on the computers too. I played a great game of Chess with a student--one of the best chess partners I've ever had. I forgot how much I like that game.

I took bubble making mixture and appliances out to recess which helped us stay cool and have fun on the extremely hot playground. I also let children play with the spray bottles. They gave complimentary sprays to those that wanted them.

Tomorrow is Field Day--we're ready for a day of athletic play. The teachers vs. fifth graders is always a favorite end-of-Field-Day event.

I'm glad we've slowed things down as it gives teachers and students a chance to talk, solve problems, and end the year with peace. Onward.