Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lost Opportunity

When I listened to the keynote speaker at my son's graduation, he essentially said that the worst sins are sins of omission--not doing what's possible, leaving good left undone.

We never knowingly want to not do the good possible. If we err, we want to make sure we apologize. If we leave someone out, we want to make sure we include them later. If we notice good work and effort, we want to acknowledge that. We want to spread the good that we can.

A long time ago a friend and I parted ways. I treasured that friend so much that I didn't want our relationship to end without a meaningful note. I wrote a long letter telling the friend all that I valued. I have always been happy that I took the time to write that note.

Significant moments of time are extraordinary opportunities to seize the potential and promise possible. We want to inspire and elevate those around us whenever possible with truthful, kind, and inspiring words and acts. Onward.