Thursday, June 22, 2017

Closing Remarks: So Much Good and Room for Development Too

There was so much good in school this year.

The teaching assistants were extraordinary--always teaching, helping, counseling and caring. If I were in charge of the world I'd elevate their salaries and shorten their work year a bit. They are true gifts to the school community.

The office staff, custodians, lunch room staff cared and supported educators and students daily. They put into place new protocols and served us so well.

The specialists led the students in engaging projects and activities while the recess monitor ensured recess safety.

Countless parents contributed to the school program by chaperoning field studies, offering expertise and new ideas, and volunteering their time to make the school year very successful.

High school and middle school students joined us to help the young children learn.

Colleagues worked together and supported each other day in and day out as we created and carried out numerous programs, interventions and special events.

It was overall a super year.

As I look ahead though I see lots of room for development, areas that I would like to forward change include the following:
  • more efficient, streamlined, targeted, timely, regular, and transparent communication about initiatives, ideas, and research
  • more teacher voice and choice when it comes to decisions, supplies, curriculum, and all efforts that impact the professional work we do--authentic choice and voice
  • a better collection of holistic formal and informal metrics to assess and evaluate the work we do individually and collectively
  • more accurate, transparent, and honest share related to individual and collective efforts
  • better, collective and holistic goal setting and action plans that mirror current research as well as study and learning community requirements, needs, and interests
I think that developing our processes of communication and strategic action will develop what we can do with and for each other and most importantly the students and families we serve. Onward.