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Monday, June 12, 2017

Learning and Leading in Trump Times

How do we learn and lead in Trump times?

Look Deeper
Trump times has brought to light "fake news" in many, many ways. This makes people today wonder who they can trust and how? Rather than read one news report now, I typically read many. Also when I hear news from new agencies or papers, I look deeper to see who owns those papers and what that news' history is like. Learning that Russia State News infiltrated many other news sources makes me look deeper too--I wonder where is this news coming from and what is its aim. It was inevitable that "fake news" would become a big issue in this age of social media and Internet access ease. Further truth and lies are related, in part, to perspective and knowledge too. That's why, more than ever, we need well educated, honest analysts to help us navigate this complex environment of information. That's why I'm working harder to identify leaders who I trust, leaders' whose speak, actions, and connections demonstrate truth, justice, and a will to serve.

Speak Up
Many would like to quiet you in these times. Many would like to say don't speak up, you can't make a difference anyway, who are you to think you have something to say. I don't agree. I believe that we come at politics, leadership, truth in many ways, and I welcome the voices of people on all side.

Use Respect
Too many speak up without respect, and this is wrong. Name calling, exaggeration, threats, and unkind images/speak have no place in the critical debates happening as the need for greater global and national partnerships, compromise, and community arise.

Lawful Acts
There is no room for illegal acts, and there's lots of room to update the laws.

New Economic Algorithms
It seems like we're at a time when we are in desperate need for new economic algorithms--algorithms that will lead to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" for all people. I wonder about these algorithms and wonder if mathematicians and economists have worked with living systems to try create these algorithms to lead greater community, prosperity, and care for one another.

Invest in the Good Work We Can Do for Selves and Others
When everyone works well to uplift their lives and the lives of others, we do well as a people. It is essential, especially during these sometimes discouraging times, to reinvest in our good work to do what we can to love, learn, and lead well.