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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Good Scheduling Matters

As I thought of the year to come, I realized that good scheduling will be essential. First, it's integral that we have a fluid schedule framework one that allows the requirements:

  • one hour of math a day
  • 120  minutes of ELA combined with science/social studies
  • 5 45-minute specials: art, music, physical education, library, technology
  • 1 30-minute music workshop/instrumental period
  • 1 45 minute band/strings period
  • 2 45-minute reading RTI periods
  • 2 30-minute math periods
With the time left the team would like to include a number of special science days--days that we focus deeply on science study and STEAM. I'd also like to add time for read aloud and class meetings.

Other scheduling factors that are important to schedule from the start of the year include:
  • Title One Math
  • English Language Learner
  • Tier Three Reading
These services when planned before the school year starts and consistent throughout the year add great value to what we can do with and for students.

The year also includes assessment hours and mornings during the year, field studies, special events, and more.

As I think back on this year's schedule, I want to review the field studies with the team to make sure they are well planned and the kind of field studies we think make a difference. I'd also like to move some of the field studies to early spring rather than the very end of school due to the late spring threat of thunderstorms, the Global Changemakers project, and the need for greater sensitivity and flexibility at the end of the year.

Creating a solid pattern of learning and teaching ensures that you hit the goals you set and provide students with substantial care and attention.