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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Class Clean-up With an Eye on Set-Up

The class clean-up begins soon. As I prepare the clean-up, I want to think of next year's set-up. In general, the class worked well this year so next year's set-up will be similar including the following:

Professional Books
I have a large collection of professional books. I'll cull that collection, keep the best and give away others.

International Collection
I'll add the international objects to a display case; that will save space in the classroom and give the whole school a chance to look at those wonderful objects from around the world.

Math Daily Supplies
I stored the math daily supplies in bins at the front of the room. That made for ready-access. I'll do the same next year and as I clean up, I'll make sure those bins are filled with colored pencils, scissors, rulers, tape, and more.

Math "Sometime" Supplies
Those supplies are placed in drawers and containers around the room. I'll leave those there and in the fall think about a good spot for those.

I'll leave the books in bins on the shelves. I reduced my collection a few years ago and now I have a good collection including a variety of genres.

Anything I can store online, I won't save as paper. There's little need for paper files today thanks to technology.

STEAM Supplies
My STEAM supplies are a bit of a mess right now, but I'll do that sort in the late days of August as I prepare for the start of school and our STEAM/science/maker math projects.

Math Drawers
Students will clean out their drawers and take home their baggies of personal math supplies.

Old unneeded posters will be recycled and good posters, magnets, and signage will be stored away for next year.

Comfy Chairs
The comfy chairs will be folded and placed on top of the yellow cabinet.

Fortunately since I won't be moving and my classroom will not be used over the summer, the clean-up will be less intense than in years past. Students will help me with the clean-up during our clean-up afternoon next Tuesday.