Friday, June 30, 2017

Debate and Good Effort

Friends and I debated a number of issues last night. It was clear that it's difficult for anyone of us to know all the facts and figures of most subjects since there is such complexity in the world we live in. The area where we agreed most was the area of our similar profession, education, since we have spent so much time in that realm and we know a lot about the day to day workings and research related to our field. We had a lot of empathy, new ideas, and stories to tell with regard to our work to teach children well.

It's a complex time in our world with multiple issues, big and small, at play. Issues like violence, drug addiction, energy, climate control, transportation, health care, and more that affect all of us, and therefore, everyone has something to say about it. Bottom line, I hope our country can come together to do the following:
  • Support a high-quality, equitable public school education for every child
  • Create policies and procedures that support fair working conditions and equitable pay for all employees while they work and once they retire
  • Provide quality health care access and service to all Americans at affordable rates
  • Ensure that all Americans have the money they need to afford suitable shelter, nutritious food, recreation, health, and education
  • Look for ways to creatively boost communities and invite all Americans to contribute to our culture and economy in positive, forward moving ways--better communities, protected natural lands, healthy recreation, clean energy, quality health, education, and other services to one another
  • Work towards positive global partnerships and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness throughout the globe using diplomacy/creative policy and reserving any physical force for extreme circumstances
I will continue to read a number of news reports, listen to friends and others, and consult information via books and other resources to best understand what is happening in our country. I'll speak out against disrespect or individuals no matter what their policy or party is and reflect respect in my own work and endeavor. 

I will continue to engage in civil discourse, discussion, and debate as I work to learn, understand, and contribute positively to the many issues around me. I'll work to ally myself to leaders who "walk the walk" when it comes to good research, policy, and leadership of American people.

Further, I'll work to prepare my home and spend my time in ways that contribute to positive family life, friendships, and professional work. 

It's not a simple world. Our lives our short. The best we can do is to look for ways to contribute to our own lives and the lives of others and our world in ways that are meaningful and matter. I will seek that path. Join me.