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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Stalemate: Teaching/Learning Issues

There are a few issues of teaching and learning where I'm at a stalemate.

I've offered some ideas, and there's been no movement towards my ideas and no rationale why my ideas are not embraced.

Note that my ideas have tread into areas that affect my students, but not areas I'm in charge of or know that much about.

So what's a teacher to do?

Essentially, I find that these areas of teaching and learning are integral to students' success, but the way the areas are currently managed and run do not invite success or good work. I might be willing to support those areas if changes could be made, changes that lead to successful work and influence, but I don't like to give time and effort to programming that's not well thought out or goes full circle as I find that kind of programming to sometimes be as detrimental as it is good.

I like to support deep, thoughtful, full-circle programming--the kind of programming that truly leads to terrific results and empowerment. When I am apart of that kind of programming, I know I'm apart of something vital, promising, and forward moving.

To be apart of broken programming is to run the risk of neglect, trouble, and problems--the kinds of problems that are not empowering or forward moving.

As I write, I realize that I'm answering my own question. I won't sign on to ineffective, messy programming, but instead put my energy towards programming that is thoughtful, deep, and transformative--the kind of programming my grade-level team is able to foster and build. This is also the kind of programming the DESE Teachers Advisory Cabinet and the MTAs Professional Learning Committee are building--programming with promise.

I'm happy to work with others to change and develop programming that's broken, but I won't sign on to support unless that will to change and develop with good time and process exists. Onward.