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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Make Time Up Front to Build Capacity

As I think of building's students' capacity for positive learning and endeavor, I recognize that the time we spend up front to develop good relationships matters.

If we invest in building those relationships with the following kinds of actions, we'll inspire students to be fully engaged and active members of the learning community when they are in school and outside of school.

Factors that Matter

  • Significant time at the start of the year to meet and converse with individual families and students.
  • Comprehensive orientation that allows families and students to understand the learning/teaching program and environment well.
  • Enjoyable efforts to build team, develop protocols, and co-create the classroom and curriculum program.
  • Explicit goals
  • Materials, program, and support accessibility
  • Regular monitoring, reflection, and revision to make sure the program is responsive to each individual child
  • Engaging, meaningful. and empowering learning events
If we take the time we need to do this, we will help every child reach success.