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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Math Home Study: Maker Math Bags

As I think about developing the math program, I am wondering about the idea of a Maker Math Bag assignment each week. That would include a hands-on exploration where students actually make something and then reflect on what they make using mathematical language and thinking.

Children would have a Maker Bag (plastic bag). They would fill the bag with the needed materials, instructions, and reflection sheet. Then, at home, they would complete the activity. I can imagine that activities could include items such as the notecard challenge, spaghetti-marshmallow challenge, volume-sugar cube exploration, origami-cube study. . . . .and more.

Last year we did have students do the spaghetti-marshmallow challenge as part of homework, and they loved it.

I'm going to think more about this in the days to come. Let me know if you've tried this idea.