Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lack of Choice and Voice Hinders Potential Possible

It still puzzles me why teachers in classrooms have little choice and voice when it comes to classroom needs and teaching initiatives. I wonder why those who lead us wouldn't take seriously our point of view, research, and experience when it comes to forwarding curriculum and teaching efforts. The lack of choice and voice truly demeans teachers and makes most of us feel like peons, robots, and do-its, not the professionals we've trained to be.

I've spoken up about this time and again only to be told to back down, stay quiet, and do as I'm told. Yet research points to the need for educators to play an integral part in the work they do to serve children well.

I need my job and I will do what I'm told as long as it doesn't harm children, but I know that I could do a much better job if I had greater voice and choice over how I do my work. This is a main concern that educators in many school settings face. The remedy to this is to modernize leadership models, system structure, and the use of distributive leadership to better what we can do as collaborative learning/teaching teams made up of all stakeholders: students, family members, educators, administrators, and community members. Onward