Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Breaking a Negative Cycle

A colleague suggested a negative cycle was at play.

Then I read an article about breaking negative cycles. This quote from the article struck me, "If we want to make real changes—lasting changes—we’ve got to go deep to make them."

So I as I go deep, I am asking the following questions.

First, what is the idea. In this situation, the idea is a positive evolution towards best possible learning and teaching. Ideally this would be fueled by ongoing research, analysis, reflection, discussion, debate and collaboration. The work would be inclusive, transparent, and oriented toward mutual goals. 

Next, what is the current situation. The current situation finds me in a place where there is little collaboration, idea discussion/exchange, understanding, or shared effort. There is no apparent sense of team and seemingly little respect. It simply doesn't feel good, and the fact that it's not good, quality collaboration and conversation hinders the potential that exists.

Third, what will take us from where we are to the ideal? Here are some possible steps.

  1. Acknowledge what it is you wish for, and ask the others if they share this goal. Listen to the way their goals are similar and different from yours.
  2. Discuss the difference between goals and process.
  3. Discuss protocols and efforts going forward.
A negative cycle serves no one well. These cycles start for all kinds of reasons, and after substantial repetition, it's hard to remember why the cycle started, but the cycle itself becomes negatively ingrained.

Going deep means taking apart the cycle by finding out why it happens and how it can be changed. I believe it's worth the time.