Friday, April 21, 2017

Matching Professional Goals to Multiple Goals and Initiatives

As I read numerous reports, I understand the goals of many with whom I work.

One overriding goal is test scores--much of the money and time focused on curriculum is focused on curriculum related to teaching/learning defined standards and test scores. This is a reality of teaching life for many educators and students.

While I'm not going to change that on my own, I can try to embed those goals into good teaching and learning-teaching and learning that moves beyond a goal to get good scores, but also achieves that goal too.

How can I do this?

First, I can pay good attention to the efforts created related to test scores. I will read the reports and utilize the curriculum created to fulfill the expectations of my job.

Then, I can work to surround and embed that curriculum with teaching/learning efforts that make learning rich, deep, and meaningful. To do that I will do the following:

  • Look for ways to make all learning, culturally proficient learning. This learning prompts educators to teaching with "more of them and less of us" thus putting students at the center of the work we do.
  • Shift content from solely skill and concept learning by adding content that is relevant to students' experiences.
  • Work with colleagues to embed rich learning experiences and field studies that further inspire the content, skill, and knowledge.
  • Tie curriculum goals to meaningful, local learning events, problems, and situations to build greater relevancy and meaning. 
  • Create a positive routine in schools so that students are learning in brain-friendly, healthy, and happy ways.
  • Advocate for more teacher/student/family-friendly policy, supports, and communication to support the strength and potential of the learning/teaching team.
It's important to assess the learning/teaching community with whom you work and identify the expectations, values and opportunities that exist for good work. Once that is done, then you need to determine your own goals, the goals that you'll work towards as you meet those expectations in ways that are positive for students and their families.