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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bring the Light: Returning to School After Vacation

Tomorrow I'll return to school after a wonderful week's vacation. The theme will be to bring the light to the positivity, challenges, and opportunities that exist during the final nine weeks of the school year. We have a great program planned for the final chapter of school, and the overall focus will be to coach students forward with care, attention, and optimism.

What will that look like?

First Week: April 24 - 
Back to School Reflections

Sometime in the first few days students will reflect on the learning and special events to come. At that time, we'll also revisit student portfolios.

During the first week back, the main focus will be the ELA MCAS. Students will take the practice test, practice using the tools and then take the actual tests. The rest of the learning time will be spent on math practice and review, reading, and specialist subjects.

Spade foot toads
We'll prep the tanks and welcome our spade foot pollywogs.

Second Week: May 1 - 
Math Focus/Biographies
The second week back students will focus in on math review and math MCAS prep primarily. During that week students will also focus on their biography study and fifth grade play practice.

Third Week: May 8 - 
Math MCAS, School Play, and Science Prep
Students will continue their practice of the play, take the Math MCAS, and prep for the science MCAS with a number of special learning events. Students will continue their biography study.

Fourth Week: May 15 
Students will take the science MCAS and focus in on the play. Biography study will also continue.

Fifth Week: May 22
The main focus will be the fifth grade play, and then we'll focus in on the biography project, math practice/learning, and STEAM study.

Sixth Week: May 29
Memorial Day then STEAM study, math, and biography work.

Seventh Week: June 5 - 
Field studies, Field Day, STEAM study, and biography study.

Eighth Week: June 12 - 
More field studies, biography presentations.

Ninth Week:
STEAM study, clean-up, fifth grade celebrations.

In addition to coaching and teaching our students, teachers will be busy with multiple transition activities including the following:

  • Final report cards
  • Move-up letters
  • Move-up supply lists
  • End-of-year record keeping and completion
  • Room clean-up
  • 2017-2018 orders
  • 2017-2018 website
  • Lots of STEAM/math study prep, research, and teaching
What's important now is to teach in ways that are kind, caring, and attentive--ways that you'll use to begin the next year in a positive way.