Friday, March 31, 2017

Wonderful, Powerful Words

Only introduced today to Rev. Sekou -- his words speak to me. My main goal is to teach the children well in natural, responsive, caring ways. I seek to know each child and use time and energy wisely to empower them in ways that matter.

Today great challenge stood in the way of this aim--my planning and care was obstructed by information unshared and tasks expected--efforts that took me away from the work I desire to do.

Why did I let that distraction stand between me and the children. I couldn't understand why they don't join me in the joy and reach for teaching well--the conversation about how and what we do that matters and what we can do to make a difference. Instead scores, tight programs, and steep expectations stand in the way.

Then tonight, I read words that empowered me. Words that made me feel more like teacher as artist than teacher as peon, words that gave meaning to my work, vision, aim, and hope. Thank you Rev. Sekou for empowering my own direction to do what I know is right and good.

Sekou's words from this article.