Friday, March 31, 2017

Thinking Big: Positive Directions

Snags in the path lead to deep thought and rerouting.

With a busy weekend ahead, I want to solidify the path going forward.

The path is laid out, and I'll continue as planned.

Fraction Projects
I'll continue to review projects and make some time next week to help students with questions related to this project.

Our little group is doing a great job.

SEL and Learning to Learn
I've been embedding lots of these lessons into the start, middle, and end of the teaching hours.

When time permits, I'll make time to review the new curriculum expectations and order related supplies.

Local Union
I'll ready notes for Thursday's meeting.

I'll attend Wednesday's Meeting.

I'll attend Thursday's Meeting.

Teacher's have to be quite mindful to stay the path amongst all the distraction, obstruction, and challenge--onward.