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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Understanding Health Care: Next Steps

Health care is much more complicated than it has to be.

It feels like this complexity is meant to confuse consumers, and add to the profit of some.

I think we should work to simplify heath care so that most of the money and efforts related to health care go to helping patients.

From my brief research it appears that The Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction. Many Americans who did not have health care, now have it. Having health care means that you get the health care you need and don't incur huge debt because of sudden, unexpected health needs such as severe illness or accidents.

Yet, as some stories show, there's room for improvement with the Affordable Care Act. It's important to analyze what is working and what is not, and then move to improve the act.

From my brief research, it appears that the Republican's attempt to make a new health care act, is an ego-driven attempt to increase profits for private health industries and individuals. This attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act seems like an act without consideration of the many, many Americans who will become uninsured--this is problematic. When people are uninsured, they don't get the health care they need and/or they incur huge debt. These results lead to greater personal and community problems such as illness, depression, debt, poverty, and more.

If we truly are a country "of the people for the people," we need to take a deeper look at health care.

First, if we consider the issue of automation leading to less jobs in traditional industries and the potential that exists for new jobs and better lives, we can work to train many more wonderful health workers who will provide health care in many, many ways.

Also, we can look to prevent health problems by working to improve health and wellness education in schools and communities--this will save money and lives. Protecting our environment and working towards clean energy is one more way to reduce health needs and elevate wellness in our country.

Further, we can be creative about how health care is delivered. I think that schools should have very good health care available for the regular illness issues such as getting your flu shot, handling a cold or strep throat, and social/emotional health. Further, local clinics can also seek to remedy these needs.

Then, in keeping with the intent of the Affordable Care Act, we need to find ways to make needed health care affordable to all people in the country.

So rather than finger pointing at problem solvers, past problems, and political leaders, instead look to improve what we have with people's care at the center of the equation.

It does cost money, time, and effort to build a good country for all people. It's not all about elevating the wealth of the rich, but instead looking for good equations and balance for our country and communities. How do we do this?

We have to solve these problems with good balance between federal, state, and town/city service, contribution, and care.

Each of us lives for such a short amount of time. We're lucky to reach 100 years. It's so senseless to spend lots and lots of hours in destructive debate when we could spend this time working together for betterment with optimal creativity, intellect, and the ideas possible.