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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Trump Presidency: Wiretapping Accusation

Many of us hate that President Trump tweeted an accusation about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Even more so, many, like me, hated the use of simple put-downs such as "bad" and "sic" in speaking about our former President--a President so many of us admire

On the other hand, I don't think many of us were surprised that there could be wiretapping at Trump Tower given all the news about Russian hacking that's connected to Trump's campaign team and events. If our country's intelligence agencies are doing their work and they had good suspicion that the then President-elect was colluding with the Russians, then they would have just reason to wiretap his places of business. Of course, the question remains, how was this done and what legal measures were used?

The new Presidency has us facing issues we've never faced before with such depth. First of all, I don't ever remember a President whose team was so closely aligned to a foreign country that is considered, in part, as an adversary. Has this happened before?

Further, I don't remember a President who had such an international business profile before--a President who has business and financial deals all over the globe. This type of international businessman challenges our ethical expectations, laws, and judgement. What is right? What is not right? We continually ask these questions as his sons travel the Globe with government protection and the President himself hosts foreign dignitaries and other officials at his own clubs and hotels. Is he profiting from his job as President?, we may wonder?

As we think about Russia--we also wonder, what is right and what is not right? Did the President's team and perhaps the President himself seek the support of Russian officials to win the election, and if he did, were promises made to reward the Russians for helping out. Further, we have seen that many of Trump's appointees have close ties with Russia--why is this true? What gains are hoped for with this in mind?

What is our President's world view? Who does he value and who does he disregard?

He lost the votes of many during the election due to his mean speak about women, people of particular cultures, and body types.

He has surrounded himself by mostly white men which makes us wonder about his values related to people of color and diversity.

He got a significant Hispanic vote, but we wonder too if Russia's government channel that reaches all parts of the globe including their Spanish channel may have had something to do with that. When we look at who watches what on television and online, how many people are actually watching television that is filled with propaganda rather than truth. On the other hand, how do we continually sift propaganda from truth in the media which is mainly supported by advertisement and significant industry, money, and power.

I don't appreciate a President that uses BIG SPEAK to demean and degrade others. I don't like accusatory tweets that have no evidence to back them up, and I don't like the skewing of statistics and contradictions that have been a large part of his first few months of his Presidency.

I know that running a country as large as ours is complex business. I agree that the people and states need to have quite a bit of say and power as to supporting and making decisions for citizens. However, there are some issues that we need to agree on as a country--issues that still, hundreds of years later, are well defined in our Constitution. As a people we need to work together for human rights, dignity, and "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" for all. We can do that, and if we do it without all the negativity, finger pointing, misleading facts, and untruths, we will do it better.