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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Musings: The Do-Over

I'm a teacher who likes to try new ideas, and sometimes those ideas don't go as planned. That can be frustrating, and that can make you wish you could have a do-over--a chance to do it better.

Fortunately, teachers usually can have a do-over--the next day, you can try the lesson again and do it better. Letting students in on the process of why it didn't work the first day, and did work the next time also can show them that you are not afraid to make an error and then correct it.

Just today, with one class, we listened to Jo Boaler explain the positivity that error brings to our brains--when we fail and then reflect and learn from it, we actually learn a lot.

This month has been a month of new ideas and learning/teaching paths, and might I say, I've done a lot of learning. In fact, I'm a bit worn out from all that learning--learning that will serve me well in the future as I continue to teach.