Sunday, March 26, 2017

Forward Thinking and Plans

At times, those that lead my work are troubled by my forward thinking and questioning. Yet, I know the value of lead time. If we don't think ahead, we usually don't make good change. Thinking ahead while ideas are fresh with good lead time and inclusion of many voices often spells optimal growth and change.

It's important for systems to employ regular, inclusive research and development threads to move programs ahead in ways that matter to students. When these threads are exclusive and last minute, good change is typically stymied.

So as I think about what went really well this year and what could be better, I recognize the value of lead time. Yet, as one colleague often explains, there also needs to be time to respond spontaneously and in a timely matter to needs and interest as they arise. As my father always says, "It's a little for today and a little for tomorrow," when it comes to looking ahead and working for the day. Onward.