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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Be Vigilant and Outspoken for Justice

Injustice occurs, big and small, all over the world. We all have the responsibility to act against injustice. Sometimes that can mean simply reminding a colleague that her voice, action, or choice may prove to create injustice. It's impossible for all of us to recognize the many ways we can contribute to injustice and we need each other to create just environments.

Injustice may be displayed in inequitable work conditions. If some have work conditions that are much better than others, that injustice needs to be reviewed and remedied.

Equity does not exist in our world, and we must strive for a type of just equity that doesn't maintain that we have to be the same, but instead supports fair opportunity and basic rights including health and education for all people across the globe. I added a student sign to my blog that reads, "Injustice anywhere is a thread to justice everywhere."

As I think on this topic, I want to think about ways that I can support a just, fair school community--one where all students have the opportunities to learn with happiness and success. I also want to support an environment that treats all employees fairly too--no one should be working for a wage that is not livable, and there should be advancement opportunities for all employees in every role so that they can improve their wage and skill as they work for the organization.

We have to encourage one another to speak up with regard to justice. For example, whoever knows the truth of the Russian influences on our election, has an obligation to speak up. Our freedom and justice depends on it. There are so many bright and talented people in our world, and each of those people have the obligation to speak up when faced with injustice. We can not silence injustice, but instead we must be vigilant and outspoken for justice everywhere.