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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 Valentine's Day Fun

Homemade cards and hand written messages make Valentine's Day special for teachers. 
Sweet Skittles math matches the day. 
Valentine's Day is always an exciting day in the schoolhouse. Children make Valentine's Day boxes, pass out Valentine's Day cards, and engage in Valentine's Day related learning.

Typically it's a day that makes teachers feel special with lots of special cards, sweets, and messages. Early this morning, the day got off to a good start when a plant a child gave me bloomed. Later I received those special messages, and engaged in students' special learning experiences.
Students' creativity made the day special.

In reading they worked on a Valentine's Day play and in math they used Skittles to review math vocabulary and 5th grade concepts.

Tomorrow and the following days we'll focus on a systemwide assessment as well as student portfolios. Then our one-week February vacation will begin.