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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apres February Vacation 2017

I like to leave for vacation with my plans for after vacation ready to go. After vacation, we'll focus on the following:

Cultural Enrichment
On the first morning back, we'll start with an all-school cultural enrichment event.

Fraction RTI/Home Study Project
Teachers will use the RTI time to get students started on the Fraction home study project. I'll introduce that project during the first day back during the core math times.

Fraction Study
The first week back, beginning on Tuesday, we'll review one fraction concept after another with a combination of explicit introductions and opportunity for practice.

Math Problem Solving
Once students solidify their understanding of all fraction standards, we'll move into a dedicated study of multi-step problem solving. We'll work a lot on strategy, organization, and practice. I'll embed the standards we are focussing on into this study.

Social Competency
On the first Monday back, we'll meet with the the counselor and one small growth mindset group. We also plan to work on an "identity" project with all students as one way to develop students' confidence and pride related to the many groups, interests, and activities they identify with. This effort grew out of a team discussion about students' self esteem and respect for others and themselves. We will include students' identity projects in their showcase portfolios. Students will be invited to share these projects during the upcoming March student/family/teacher conferences.

Family Conferences
In mid March students have been invited to share their progress, good work, and goals at the student/family/parent conferences. There's still a few families that have yet to sign up, and I'll reach out to those families during the first week back at school after vacation.

Fraction Assessment
In early-March, I'll give students the fraction assessment, and it's likely that we'll make new RTI groups after that on March 10. We may only be able to run our RTI groups until April break due to the large amount of standardized testing educators will be involved in from late April to late May. Often our specialists are pulled during this time to help out with standardized tests.

Professional Study and Contribution
The first week back will find me attending our local union board meeting. The following week will find me spending my Monday afternoons meeting with my SEL study group.

The plans are set for after vacation. During the final days prior to the vacation I'll meet with colleagues to further plan and prep the materials for these efforts.