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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Patience and Pacing

For some the lesson was too fast, and then they shut down.

Give it a chance, I thought. Don't put up walls so quickly.

Together the educators tried to help students gain understanding of the new concepts.

Good teaching and learning takes just right pacing and patience too.

The tricky part of pacing is that we all learn in different ways with different speed, and this ideal pacing changes from topic to topic too dependent on many factors.

When learning is challenging we have to patience with ourselves and with our students too. Learning often takes time and practice and support--it's more likely that we don't learn new skills, concepts, and knowledge quickly, but instead over time.

Today I'll talk to students about the role patience and pacing play in learning. I'll encourage them to be patient with themselves, use the supports available, and think about the pacing that works best for their learning when it comes to each topic they aspire to learn.

As for myself, I need to think a bit about patience and pacing too. Like students at times, I too become impatient when the learning doesn't happen as quickly as I wish. Onward.