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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Frustration and Solution

Subtle messaging led to frustration.

I was reading between the lines and I didn't like what I understood to be true.

I sought clarification and was more upset.

I recognized that a persistent dilemma continues and sought even more understanding.

I realized it's going to take time while we recognize, understand, and dissect each piece of the process--it's not an overnight solution.

One step at a time.

In the future when subtle messaging is shared, I'll begin by dissecting the messaging by reading, thinking, and then asking a number of clarifying questions.

The clarifying questions will lay a path to better understanding and effort.

Too many, including me at times, want to push ahead with process without thinking about it carefully. I suppose for many of us it's our human nature to do this. Yet, in most cases, taking that time to think carefully, ask the right questions, try out process, and work together to make things better truly optimizes what we can do.