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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When They Listen: Giving Ideas Flight

You are persistent.

You try to move change in a large number of ways.

You write, speak up, try out.

Then you see the idea come alive.

There may be a bit of discouragement when the idea arrives without your name, a thank you, or acknowledgement. You hear "your words," but your name is not used.

This happens to forward to thinkers--people who think ahead and have ideas.

Sometimes if you champion an idea, that idea will eventually be embraced and forwarded without you. That happens.

What's important in this regard is to stand back and realize that it's the good idea that matters. If a good idea is forwarded by others, an idea you may have supported in the past, and it makes a positive difference for children then let it go, give it wings, and be glad it is happening.

Ideas take time as noted in the diagram above. Good ideas will will take root if enough people continue to speak up for those ideas. It's likely the ideas will take on many iterations as more and more people consider the idea.

If possible, when you forward good ideas, it's important to give credit where credit is due. That's often difficult to do in today's world since ideas are introduced, morph, and change quickly as they are shared in real time and online.