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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Day: Teaching Math Well

Those not so great days of teaching always bring forth ideas for needed change and focus. I thought a lot about why yesterday's teaching wasn't the best, and made a number of decisions including the following:
  • A few changed seats
  • Slowing down the pace
  • Discussion with the students about systemwide expectations, requirements
  • A few lunch meetings and small group teaching/learning sessions to help a few who will benefit from the extra attention
  • Reminders about expectations
  • A few parent meetings to discuss ongoing issues and opportunities to support children more
Today I'll bring those new ideas in, tell students that I'm there to help them in any way I can, and continue to coach, mentor, support, and teach with a positive attitude.

As educators we can sometimes feel the weight of the world as we try to respond to a large number of needs and possibilities. That feeling can reach a height now and then. That's when it's important to prioritize and restart the year with new resolve. Onward.